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Sometimes a wine that tastes bad actually has something wrong with it, but other times the wine is just poorly made. How can you tell the difference and what should you look for?

Generally speaking, a fault is something that pushes a wine beyond the point of being acceptable. People often mistake wines as being faulty when in fact they just do not like the style of a particular wine.

Faults can come in any form that ruin the quality of the wine: visible, smellable or tasteable.

The easiest faults to dectect are those that can be seen. Things to look for that can indicate a faulty wine:

  • Cloudiness/Haziness:
  • Bubbles:

Sometimes there may be visual issues with the wine that are mistaken as faults, but in fact do not indicate any problem with the wine:

  • Sediment:
  • Crystals:

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