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Krizz Kaliko - Misundertsood

- Premiered 30 July 2009

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Krizz Kaliko drinking red wine with spaghetti in his video 'Misunderstood'
Krizz Kaliko sipping on some red wine with spaghetti in his video 'Misunderstood.'

You don't witness a whole lot of sit-down spaghetti dinners in music videos, which is probably a good thing. The twist here is that the woman is dead (that's not a spoiler - they make it quite clear from the beginning of the video).

We never see the bottle in the shot, so going out on a limb here with the spaghetti, we're going to peg this red wine as Chianti. That's a wine from Tuscany, Italy, and made from the Sangiovese grape. It goes really well with tomato-based pastas.

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