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Critics that just give a score to a wine and don't bother to write a review are wasting everyone's time. Save yourself the agony of following these people and instead listen to those who want to work with you.
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Mike Supple: I'm Mike Supple and you're watching "Screw It" on SuppleWine TV.

Wine critics that give a wine a score but don't actually write a written review are wasting everybody's time. The point of a wine review is to help teach you about the wine and learn what to look for in a wine - learn what you like or what you might not like about it. So if a critic comes out and gives a wine 74 points, that doesn't tell you anything. They're not being an advocate for the wine or for you; they're turning wine into a spectator sport.

It's leaving you out of the process entirely. They might as well just say, "We don't care if you know anything about wine: we want you to drink what we tell you to drink." That's absolutely pointless. The point of the review is so that you can learn what makes a wine good, what makes a wine bad and what you like about a wine. There can be 7,000 different wines that are all rated 90 points, but you're not necessarily going to like all of those wines. That's why the notes are crucial. Particularly if you take a big, well-known winery and give it a low score, like a 72, and no note. That doesn't help anybody. Another critic might give it a high score and that really does nothing for you. You want to know what it was that made that wine bad. Does it have a flaw you can look for, or is it just that the critic had some particular bias against the flavors in there? Obviously that's not supposed to come in to play. The scores are supposed to be about the quality of the wine, but because different critics give wines different scores, something else is going on. Otherwise everyone would say the same thing about the same wine.

It's also useless about the high scoring wines. Sure, a wine might get 98 points. That doesn't mean that I'm going to want to drink it. Look at Chardonnay. Chardonnay can have drastically different flavor profiles. Some of them can be big, heavy, oaky and buttery. Some can be lean, crisp and minerally. These two styles could both get 98 points, but if I hate butter and oak, I'm not going to like it. But if it just says 98 points, I don't know until I've already wasted my money.

So don't waste your time with critics that aren't interested in engaging you and helping you along in the process. Learn what you're doing!

Mike Supple talking about wine critics.

Mike Supple talking about wine critics.

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