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Mike takes a closer look at what needs to be done to get wine ready for the market with one of Napa's newest wineries, Crosby Roamann.
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Crosby Roamann is one of Napa's newest wineries, with their inaugural releases just hitting the market. As a consumer I rarely think about all of the work that goes into getting a wine ready for consumption - even after the wine's in the bottle. So I grabbed the camera and a joined Crosby Roamann owner Sean McBride for some hands-on experience.

[Video of cutting labels.]
Mike: This is one of the exciting parts of bottling. Cutting the labels. That's a nice smooth cut.
Eric: That's a nice edge right there.
Mike: It's looking good.
Eric: Tedious.

[Video of attaching the labels to the bottles by hand.]

[Video of hand-dipping magnums in wax.]
Nathaniel: Alright, give me two seconds.
Mike: The wax is coming up to temperature. What temperature is it supposed to be at?
Nathaniel: Between 250 and 275 [degrees Fahrenheit].
Mike: 250 and 275 - above that it starts to smoke and you can start dropping some of the silver out of the wax. You don't want to be dropping the silver!

[Video wrapping the bottles in tissue paper.]

[Video putting the wooden boxes together and boxing the wine.]

[Video stacking the boxes on a pallet for shipment and attaching the lids.]

Dipping the Out On A Limb magnums in wax to seal the cork (instead of a metal capsule).

Dipping the Out On A Limb magnums in wax to seal the cork (instead of a metal capsule).

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