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Bringing wine to a restaurant is a great way to save money while at the same time making sure you get something you like. But how do you keep a bottle cold during the car ride?
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Every once in a while you want to go out to eat and drink something good. Most restaurants have way overpriced wines or nothing worth drinking. The way to get around that is to bring your own wine.

Different states have different laws, so be careful and make sure you know if you're allowed to before you go. Here in California most restaurants let you bring wine - they just charge you a few dollars for what's called a "corkage" fee. And by a few dollars I mean anywhere from $15 - $50 depending on the restaurants. The corkage fee is what they charge to open your bottle and serve it to you.

I drink a lot of Champagne. It's somewhat difficult to bring Champagne and white wines to restaurants because you want them to be cold. But when push comes to shove, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Here is a method for getting a bottle cold to a restaurant. Put your Champagne in the ice bucket with ice and water. Put a couple of towels around the bucket to catch the spillage in the car. Put a trash bag around that to catch even more water and stick it all in a plastic bucket. That way your car is protected and you'll have cold wine by the time you get to the restaurant and you'll be ready to go.

Have fun.

A few household supplies makes your Champagne ready for travelling.

A few household supplies makes your Champagne ready for travelling.

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