Game #5 - Arrogant Frog and Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

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Mike Supple teams up with professional video game critic Chris Watters to pair Nintendo DS game "Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars" with the 2007 Arrogant Frog Wild Lily Pad Red wine. Some lazy sipping with point and click adventure fun.
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2007 2007 Arrogant Frog Wild Lily Pad Red [Cabernet-Merlot] - $11 Retail


Mike Supple: I'm Mike Supple and you're watching SuppleWine TV: another episode of video game and wine pairing. Of course that means I have special guest, video game critic, Chris Watters.

Chris Watters: 'Sup y'all?

Mike: Thanks for joining us again.

Chris: My pleasure Mike.

Mike: What do you have in store for us today Chris?

Chris: Today we've got sort of an old-school game for you here. It's a point and click adventure. Now this takes me back to when I was a kid, clicking away on my old PC or old Apple II. I'm talking "King's Quest" and "Curse of Monkey Island." Games when you were a cartoon character going through fantastical worlds, picking up items, trying to use them in different places to solve puzzles and unravel a story. Ubisoft released one of these old-school adventure games - it was made in 1996 - for the Nintendo DS. So we're playing today, "Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars" (Director's Cut). This is actually for the DS and the Nintendo Wii, but we've got the DS today. I like it better because you can actually point and click with the stylus.

Basically this is a game where you are an American tourist in Paris. [Screenshot of the game.]

Mike: Quintessential Paris. You know you're in Paris when you see the Eiffel Tower and there are glasses of wine.

Chris: You witness this cafe bombing and a high-profile Parisian statesman is murdered. Gasp! And then you get embroiled in this mystery that connects back to the templars and these age old secrets. It fits in with that "Da Vinci Code," Dan Brown, "Angels and Demons" vibe which is kind of hot right now. And even though the story is over ten years old, it still holds up.

The game has got a great sense of humor. It looks great on the DS - vibrant, bright colors. I like to play it on my commute in the morning, you know, just play twenty minutes of it, because it's kind of a nice mix between reading a story and playing a game. And it's a mellow mix of both. It's got adventure; it's got intrigue; it's got a witty sense of humor - sort of more so than you might expect from a game that has this cartoony aesthetic, but it definitely has adult themes. Let's take a look at it and you can see it in action.

[Game play] My investigations have taken me to this small street corner in Paris where I navigate around by touching the screen with the stylus. It's all quite simple. There's cafe here - it's Paris - there's a cafe on every street corner, right? Here we have a traffic cop, so I'm going to talk to him real quick because he's been giving me some guff earlier on. I want to infiltrate this museum across the street, but this guy doesn't seem to like it.

Character: "Shouldn't you be directing traffic or something?" Cop: "I could direct the traffic, the most dangerous this side of Rome, or I can sit here and enjoy the sun, the architecture and this so-so Sauvignon."

Chris: What's more Parisian? Enjoying the sun, enjoying the so-so Sauvignon. So it's just a really relaxing game. There's not much of a challenge. If you get stuck the internet is full of walk-throughs and there are even hints I can tap in the corner of the screen.

Mike: For the Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars, I figured the obvious choice - since we're spending a lot of time in Paris and hanging around in France - is to go with a French wine. What we have here is the 2007 Arrogant Frog Wild Lily Pad Red. Now "Arrogant Frog," you might think that's a little bit of a slight towards the Frenchman, but this is actually a French wine. It comes from the south of France and is made by some French people, making it a tongue-in-cheek poke at themselves. Actually making some pretty delicious wine for not very much money. They're also embracing the whole screw cap idea, which is nice seeing that come out of and old-school wine making region like France.

The Lily Pad Red is a blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon and 45% Merlot. I'll take a quick sniff of this bad boy here. [Smells the wine.] It does have some nice sort of dark black currant and black cherry notes with some sweet tea and a little bit of cedar spice. Just really nice, complex, fruity nose. [Sips the wine.] Pretty easy to drink. Good fruit palate entry. Because it is 55% Cabernet Sauvignon it has some nice body to support the fruit and you don't feel like you're just sipping down water. You have a pretty good, full-bodied wine. Nice flavor and nice balance.

When you're playing a game like Broken Sword that's all point and click you have a lot of time to relax, think about what you're doing and plan your next move. So you might as well have a good wine sitting on the side within easy reach. Think about your move, maybe take a sip, ponder it. That's what the French are all about. That's why at the top of the screen you saw a glass of wine. When you talk to the policeman he's drinking some Sauvignon. It's all about getting the wine in there, having a good time and really...rescuing...that templar...which I know is not what you do in that game. [Chris laughs at Mike]

Remember: Video games are for all ages; wine is not. Obey the law; enjoy responsibly.

Playing Broken Sword on the Nintendo DS.

Playing Broken Sword on the Nintendo DS.

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