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Mike Supple teams up with professional video game critic Chris Watters to pair great wines and video games. In this second episode, we bring you 2006 Heron Chardonnay and PlayStation 3's Flower: a more tranquil and relaxed combo cannot be found!
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2006 Heron Chardonnay - $11 retail.


Mike Supple: I'm Mike Supple from, and with me today I have, may not believe me, but I'm actually sitting with THE Chris Watters. When it comes to video gaming, there is no one else that can match this guy in terms of ability and charisma. And he gets paid to talk about video games, and we're talking about how they go with wine. So Chris, thanks for joining us.

Chris Watters: Mike, thanks for bringing the wine!

Mike: Any time. It's what I do.

Chris: Getting together, hanging out, doing two things we both enjoy.

Mike: There's no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Chris: Absolutely.

Mike: So the thing about video games and the thing about wine: there are all kinds of different wines and all kinds of video games. Sometimes you're playing an action filled game, sometimes you're playing with a group, but sometimes you just want to relax. You want to chill out.

What we have here is the 2006 Heron Chardonnay. It's a California Chardonnay. It's a really easy drinking, light wine. It's got typical Chardonnay characteristics: a little bit of toast, a little bit of butter, some citrus fruits in there. It's nothing too complex. It's just something to chill, sit back and relax with. So what kind of video game can you throw at us that sort of fits that atmosphere? You get home from work and you just want to relax.

Chris: You know, it's funny, 'cuz up until recently I might have had kind of a tough time finding a game that sort of goes with this wine, goes with that sort of mindset. But just recently, for the PlayStation 3, this game called Flower came out. Yeah, the game's called Flower. You download this to your PlayStation 3, and it's super relaxing. There are no enemies to defeat. There's a progression, but it's just all about the experience. All about sitting there and sort of chilling out.

Now, take a look at this, because it's a beautiful game. And you only need to hold the controller in one hand. You play as basically a flower petal, and you drift on the wind. Yes, that's the game.

Mike: So essentially you are Wash at the end of "Serenity". "I am a leaf on the wind..."

Chris: " me soar."

The PlayStation's controller is motion sensitive, so you can tilt forward and up and side to side, and that's how you steer. Pull the trigger or push a button and then the wind gust catches up behind you. So you steer and you just fly around these vast open fields. Blades of grass shiver as you pass by. And you just sort of float on the wind. As you fly around you encounter other flowers and as you guide your petal by them they open with a burst of color and sound. So as you hit these flowers in a row, it makes musical notes and becomes a sort of little piece you're almost directing. And your tail gets bigger and pretty soon you're flying through these worlds with a huge cloud of flower petals, and they're multiple colors.

Half the fun I have is just getting a big tail of petals and flying around doing loop-the-loops and flying back in on myself, and slowing it down but then speeding up. It's just really relaxing.

And it's beautiful too. Say it's a rainy day, you get home, get yourself a nice glass of wine, sit down, kick off your shoes, and just play some Flower. It's just a mellow experience throughout, which is really, really nice.

Mike: You mentioned the music too. So it's really a full visual and...audial?...aural...A-U-R-A-L...visual and aural experience. You can just sit back and get fully engulfed in the whole thing.

[Musical and visual interlude.]

Chris: Absolutely.

Mike: Add the other senses. [Lifts glass of wine.] You get the aromas in there, you get the taste in there, and it's a full on experience of just sheer relaxation. It sounds great.

Chris: That's a great way to think of it, yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna be playing this game!

Mike: Well let's get to it! Cheers!

Chris: Cheers.

Pairing the easy drinking Heron Chardonnay with 'Flower' in which you play as...a flower petal.

Pairing the easy drinking Heron Chardonnay with 'Flower' in which you play as...a flower petal.

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