#6 Open a Bottle of Wine with an Ah-So

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Mike Supple from SuppleWine.com demonstrates the steps for opening a bottle of wine with an Ah-So opener.
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Mike: I'm Mike Supple with SuppleWine.com showing you how to open bottles of wine. Today we are going to be using the type of opener called the Ah-So. It conveniently has this little tab on top that you can open beer bottles with, so if you're struggling to get the bottle open and need a drink to help you out, you can do that first.

The Ah-So is comprised of two prongs. You slide the prongs down on either side of the cork and pull the cork out. It doesn't put any holes in the cork (it leaves the cork fully intact) and it's actually a really nice way to open it if you want to put the cork back into the bottle later. You can put the cork back in the Ah-So and slide it back into the bottle. I'll show you how to do that later.

The one drawback of the Ah-So: it doesn't have a blade on it, so you can't cut the capsule to get the foil off, but that's not really an issue. All you have to do is take the foil, twist it around and pull it off the bottle. If you're not pouring for the President, it doesn't really matter if there's a foil ring around the neck anymore. It doesn't matter how pretty it looks.

Let's go ahead and show you how to use the Ah-So.

So again, it's got two prongs. One prong is always a little bit longer than the other one. You start by just sliding the longer prong in along the edge of the cork. Find an edge. It helps if you rock [the Ah-So] back and forth and wiggle a little bit to get it to start sliding in along the edge. Once you get it in far enough, you can get the shorter prong in on the other side of the cork. It definitely helps to rock it back and forth.

I'm applying downward pressure now while rocking it back and forth, nice and slow. As you can see it's slowing moving down along the cork. Rock it back and forth, left and right, from side to side. Slide it all the way down.

Since we have the foil capsule off, you can see pretty easily how it slides all the way down inside. You can see it along the side of the cork and, on the other side, all the way down to the bottom.

Now what you do to get [the cork] out is start twisting the bottle and pulling up. So basically you pull up on the Ah-So and you twist the bottle. You can see it coming out nice and neat here with no issues. When you get near the top you can wrap your hand around it to make sure it doesn't come flying out; it gives you a little more stability. There you go: the cork is removed.

If you want to put the cork back in later, slide the cork back between the prongs and do the same thing. Put the prongs in the bottle and shove the cork back in there. It helps if you spin it down, doing the reverse process of what you were doing before. You push and you spin. To remove the Ah-So without pulling the cork out, you rock it back and forth.

So remember, when you're moving the cork at the same time you spin, when you're just moving the Ah-So, you rock. And that's the process!

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