(pairing food with zinfandel)

A versatile grape, it is used to produce a wide range of wines from rosé to light bodied, to bold and spicy, to fortified sweet dessert. Very popular in Northern California, used to produce slightly sweet pink wines called "White Zinfandel", as well as high alcohol, spicy, bold red wines. For pairing purposes, we're going to focus on the red, which has big jammy flavors of blackberry with chocolate and black pepper spice.

Zinfandel is generally very powerful, juicy and high in alcohol. The overt fruitiness makes it a good option for spicy dishes, but watch the alcohol content on the label - if it gets too high (above 15%), the spice will really bring out the alcohol. The power of Zin is a good match for heavy meat dishes - stews, anything grilled - and the spiciness makes it go very well with anything that is heavy on black pepper, basil or oregano.

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