(pairing food with pinot noir)

Made around the world, but most famous in Burgundy, California and Oregon. Recently, fine examples are coming from New Zealand as well. The wines are lighter bodied reds with floral aromas and flavors of cola and cherries, and often pick up notes of earth or truffles. Medium-to-high acidity allows the best wines to age very well. A fickle grape that sunburns easily results in Pinot Noir being one of the more expensive wines to produce.

One of the best food and wine pairings imaginable is roast duck and a great red Burgundy (and by Burgundy we mean Pinot Noir from the French region of Burgundy, not the red jug stuff made in the US and pawned off as Burgundy). Other great pairings include ham, lamb, chicken and other game birds. Pinot is also a great wine to pair with meatier fish like tuna and salmon. Because of the earthy and herbal flavors natural in the wine, Pinot Noir is also a great wine in dishes that use herbs like dill, thyme, oregano or basil. Roasted or grilled vegetables like mushrooms, peppers, potatoes and even asparagus work nicely too.

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