(pairing food with chardonnay)

High quality Chardonnays are produced around the are many terrible ones. The flavors can range from tart green apples to ripe pears to rich tropical mangos and pineapples depending on the climate where it is grown. Can also be crisp, clean and full of minerality, but also ages well in oak giving it a creamy and toasty character. This difference in style can allow Chardonnay to pair with many types of foods, but it can also throw you off if you're expecting to open a nice creamy Chardonnay and you end up with something crisp and flinty. It's a good idea to know what type of bottle you're popping.

The fuller, richer styles of Chardonnay tend to go very well with chicken, pork and lobster, as well as any food that has a cream sauce on it.

If you're working with a more austere, mineral driven style of Chardonnay (like those from Chablis), you can still go with chicken and pork, but this style will also work well with lighter white fish and cream sauces.

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