Villa Wolf Rose de Pinot Noir Wine Label
2008 Villa Wolf Rose de Pinot Noir

Tasted: 24 Apr 2010  /  Cost When Tasted: $13
Reviewed By: Mike Supple
Type: Off-Dry Rose Wine
Grape(s): Pinot Noir
Region: Germany

Thoughts: Incredibly crisp and fresh - bottled so young that it has the faintest hint of a spritz in the mouth (though no visible bubbles). The spritz and acid work to offset the tiny bit of sugar, so although it tastes sweet as it enters the mouth, it finishes cool and refreshing. A great wine for beginners, but not to be overlooked by any seasoned wino looking for a delicious, easy to drink wine that's perfect all spring and summer.

Tastes/Smells: Strawberry, mandarin orange, raspberry
Body: Light
Tannin: None
Acid: Medium
Sugar: Low
Length: Short

Food Suggestions: Lamb, rabbit, sausage, chili, salmon, eggplant
Drink Timeline: 2010

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