Flechas de los Andes Gran Malbec Wine Label
2007 Flechas de los Andes Gran Malbec

Tasted: 11 May 2010  /  Cost When Tasted: $17
Reviewed By: Mike Supple
Type: Dry Red Wine
Grape(s): Malbec
Region: Mendoza, Argentina

Thoughts: The kind of wine that makes you think, "Wow, that's good." And while trying to put your finger on exactly what it is you like most about it, you suddenly realize your glass is empty and some thoughtless jerk has wandered away with the bottle. Hunt that bottle down and don't let it out of your sight. The aromas explode out of the glass with rich, dark chocolate surrounding intense berry fruit. Full and lush on the palate with a spicy kick supporting the fruit. High acidity keeps your mouth watering and makes this a great wine by itself or with just about any food you can think of throwing on the grill.

Tastes/Smells: Chocolate, blackberry, cedar, plum, vanilla, blueberry, black cherry, spices
Body: Full
Tannin: Medium - Ripe
Acid: High
Sugar: None
Length: Long

Food Suggestions: Rotisserie chicken, ribs, steak, hamburgers, portobello mushrooms, sausage, duck, pizza
Drink Timeline: 2010 - 2015