Dominio de Tares Baltos Mencia Wine Label
2005 Dominio de Tares Baltos Mencia

Tasted: 30 Jul 2008  /  Cost When Tasted: $15
Reviewed By: Mike Supple
Type: Dry Red Wine
Grape(s): Mencia
Region: Bierzo, Castilla Leon, Spain

Thoughts: The label on this wine flies in the face of stodgy convention: an artist's rendition of a crazy wine party/orgy (you be the judge). The Mencia (pronounced men-THEE-uh) grape is native to the Bierzo region of Spain, and the main characteristic of the grape is the great mineral flavors it brings to the wine. The grapes for this particular bottle come from three different vineyards to blend the perfect characteristics of earth, minerals and ripe fruit. This is a fun, unique wine to bring to a party or pop open with a group at home. While ripe fruits and rich mouthfeel make it perfect for just sitting around and drinking, it also goes great with lamb, pork and beef dishes. Even a rich eggplant Parmesan should do the trick!

Tastes/Smells: Coffee, black olive, black cherry, spicy plum, minerals, raspberry.
Body: Medium
Tannin: Medium - Fine
Acid: Medium
Sugar: None
Length: Medium

Food Suggestions: Lamb, pork, beef, eggplant parmesan.
Drink Timeline: 2008 - 2010

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