Allimant-Laugner Cremant d'Alsace Brut Rosé Wine Label
Allimant-Laugner Cremant d'Alsace Brut Rosé

Tasted: 04 Jun 2009  /  Cost When Tasted: $20
Reviewed By: Mike Supple
Type: Dry Rosé Sparkling Wine
Grape(s): Pinot Noir
Region: Alsace, France

Thoughts: While this may not be the easiest wine to find it is a fantastic reminder of the quality (and value) to be found in sparkling wine outside of the Champagne region. This is very impressive rosé, and for $20 or less is an absolute steal. Time to do some internet shopping so you can have this on hand the next time you want to impress a date or mark a special occasion - at this price, a few dollars for shipping still makes it more than worthwhile. Not that this wine needs a celebration to be enjoyed. It's perfect to drink by itself, but will work with a variety of foods too from chicken or white fish, a bowl of spaghetti or even a classic Margherita pizza. This is a perfect candidate for any Tuesnight when you just need some bubbly to help the week go by faster!

Tastes/Smells: Floral aromas, rose petals, white flowers, raspberry, strawberry, apricot, pineapple, mandarin orange
Body: Medium
Tannin: None
Acid: Medium
Sugar: None
Length: Medium

Food Suggestions: Chicken, white fish, tomato-based pasta sauce, pizza
Drink Timeline: Always

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