Artist: Ryan Ward -- Strip: Heddy Devine

Ryan Ward, creator of 'Heddy'





Thomas Ryan Ward (Ryan to his friends) is a true Renaissance Man as Artist, Thespian, Writer, and Producer. A native of the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton area ( of "The Office" fame), Ryan has been painting, creating cartoons, and making sculptures since childhood - thanks to the tutelage of renown watercolorists Sue Hand. In high school, he became exposed to the performing arts and has become a grant and fellowship award winning playwright, director, designer and actor. He has worked with such names as The Weisslers, William Ivey Long, Lawrence Sacharow, Kam Morrill, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Kasoundra Kasoundra, Bobby Beuker, Charles Mingus Jr. III, Chuck Jobes, Carol Lawrence, D. Scott Ferguson, and many others. Since 2004, Ryan has been traveling the Americas working as creative director, graphic designer, performer, writer, producer in nearly every facet of the arts community from Costa Rica to Naples FL, Columbia SC, Augusta ME, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary & British Columbia. His true passion is educating every generation about the abilities which lie within.

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