Bubble Lounge: now.booking.acts

If you listen closely you can already hear it. The sound of hundreds of thousands of keys clicking as your new fans log on to SuppleWine.com to hear your new single and see your new video.

We are always looking for new acts to feature in the Bubble Lounge. Get your submission in now! Visitors will be exposed to your music, download your songs, read your bio and watch your music videos. They will also vote on each band, and top ranking performers will be invited to perform at special Supple Wine events.

What?!? You don't have a music video yet? You need to contact us immediately. Supple Wine has connections with production companies in Los Angeles waiting to help turn your single into a visual masterpiece.

Here is the submission process:

  1. Email us your band's best single. Also include the full band name, your full contact info, and a brief bio (genre, how long you've been a band, MySpace page or other website we can visit to hear and see more).
  2. Your single will be reviewed by Supple Wine management.
  3. If chosen, you will be notified when your band will be featured on the site. While having a music video is not a requirement to submit a single, we'd love to see one!

Don't delay! Submit your single to bubblelounge@supplewine.com.

A couple of quick reminders:
DO NOT submit any music that is not your own original work; no copyrighted material!
DO sign up for our newsletter and tell all your friends about our site!

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