Bubble Lounge: Careless Hearts

Breaking News: Careless Hearts playing with James Williamson of Iggy and the Stooges.

Read about it in Rolling Stone here! 09/03/2009

Careless Hearts live covering Raw Power with James Williamson - 5 September 2009

Careless Hearts, Photo by Chris Carter © 2008


Two great tracks from Careless Heart's album "Heart's Delight"

Hell Of A Man
.Click Play to Listen

Yolo County Line

If you don't have their music yet you can download it on iTunes or you can can buy their CD at CDBaby.com.


Mike's choice for bubbly to pair with the Careless Hearts? Lengs and Cooter Sparkling Red. When listening to music with a die-hard classic American lilt, who wants to be sipping on a delicate white French bubbly? This is a sparkling red best served cold and with an attitude; slam it like a beer, briefly appreciate the extra flavors and complexity, then refill your glass. Call some friends, throw some burgers on the grill and put the Careless Hearts on your iPod. Friday night has begun.


Mike recently sat down with the Careless Hearts to ask a few questions and see what makes them...er...tick. [Ok, that's a lie. Who "sits down" with anyone these days? This was all done over email. However, Mike has been to several of their shows, and we at Supple Wine are all huge fans of their funky Wilco-meets-Creedence-over-three-pints style.]

Supple Wine: How'd you guys get started?
Paul: Derek and I met because he was able to decode a secret message I posted on Craigslist. My ad simply said "Guitarist Wanted" then listed four guitarists that I admire: Scotty Moore, Billy Zoom, Robbie Robertson and Nels Cline. It's not a list that everybody is familiar with, but I knew the right person would know exactly what I meant.
Derek: I thought that anybody who listed a diverse bunch of guitarists like that would be interesting and creative, and my intuition was correct.

SW: Does any particular type of booze have a role in your song writing?
Derek: I don't know if I would say alcohol inspires us, but in moderation it can definitely help unlock inhibitions.
Paul: No drinks are directly responsible for particular songs, but beer and tequila seem optimal for inspiring the events that lead to the best songs...

SW: This is a site about wine, so any chance you drink wine when you perform?
Derek: YES! I am a big red wine drinker and I love to relax with a nice glass of red before and after a gig.
SW: Thanks Derek; I don't need your sarcasm.
Paul: Wine is not the best drink for us while we perform. We tend to take mighty gulps of whatever is handy, and who wants to chug a mug of wine? Drink tickets being what they are, drink decisions are typically made on a refreshment/volume basis. Put another way, if a bar were to offer us wine by the pint, we would certainly consider it...hasn't happened yet, however.
SW: That's a damn travesty. Give me the phone number of your next venue and we'll set it up.

SW: Anything else we need to know?
Paul: You mean like that I have a tattoo of a grape vine on my left arm, one of my favorite books is The Brotherhood of the Grape and I went grape picking at my cousin's vineyard, Fallenleaf, in Sonoma just last weekend?
SW: Um...that's a joke, right?
Paul: If you say so.


Formed in the spring of 2005, Careless Hearts has quickly transformed from a sketched out idea on the back of a coaster into a fully articulated working rock 'n' roll outfit. Having weathered a few line-up shifts over the years has only served to strengthen the visible chemistry between Paul Kimball (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) and Derek See (lead guitar and vocals), while more recent members on bass (Brian Michael) and drums (Eric Powers) have taken the band to rich new frontiers. Consistently, Careless Hearts' approach to music remains rooted in tradition, novel in execution and free from pretense (something we at Supple Wine appreciate all too much).

Taking inspiration from California artists that came before them (Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, X, and The Beat Farmers, to name just a few), Careless Hearts places melody, honesty and heartfelt playing above all else, and the evidence is all there on their dynamic debut, "Heart's Delight". Eleven tracks, all originals, are solid from top to bottom with stories of sleepless nights, love gone awry and the tense thrill of possibility.

Visit them online at CarelessHearts.com