Bubble Lounge: Bo Strangles

Single "Can You Smell It": Click here to buy on iTunes now! Bo Strangles - Can You Smell It - Single - Can You Smell It


Click on each track name to hear clips from the forthcoming album "Off dat Bo."

She Know (I Get High)
Can You Smell It?
Stay Away From You


Pairing Champagne with Bo Strangles is easy: Veuve Clicquot is the only choice. Sippin' on Veuve just feels right when hanging out with Bo and the Real Fly crew, and for music of this caliber we are stepping the game up and pairing Bo with Veuve's tête de cuvée (French for "best stuff we make"), the 1998 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame. Just like Bo's music, this Champagne is fresh with a lot of attitude, and it's easy to just jump in to a glass without even thinking. But if you do stop to think about it, you'll pull up layers of complexity that keep getting better the more you drink. This is clearly a Champagne that's got something special to it. It will get your crew bumpin' and keep you rolling long after the party's over.


Immediately after hearing Bo's single "She Know (I Get High)," Mike knew Bo had to be in the Bubble Lounge and a mutual acquaintance put SuppleWine and Real Fly Entertainment together.

Bo's sound is fresh and unlike anything else coming out of the Bay Area right now. He's a breath of fresh air for the industry - Bo isn't just music, he's a lifestyle. While it's easy for an artist to draw on pain, hate and greed, Bo's music pulls from his experiences and his extended family, producing songs that are very spiritual to him.

Bo's been rapping since he was a kid; his songs are real and something people can relate to. As he puts it, he's "not gonna tell lies in the booth."

Bo isn't bringing you any junk ringtone rap - his debut album "Off dat Bo" is a rich mix of hard beats, soothing melodies and real truths that deserves a listen from front to back. After the first time you'll be hooked.


Bo Strangles is an East Oakland native from 38th. He's been featured on albums with Lee Majors, Caliban, Numskull, The Jacka, Dru Down, G Stack, Deev Da Greed, Pretty Black(R.I.P) and new upcoming artists. He has a swagger to his sound and is a definite addition to the Bay Area roster of qualified platinum potential artists. "Off dat Bo" is one of the most anticipated albums of the year, so get it now!

Also look out for upcoming dual projects that are in the works with H.Corlione da king of the stack, and with Deev Da Greed (Heem Team/Purple City/4 Tha Streets.Ent)

Stay up to date with all the Bo Strangles news at www.MySpace.com/BoStrangles and Real Fly Entertainment: RealFlyEnt.com.