Bubble Lounge: Beehive

*** Congratulations to Beehive for being featured in SPIN Magazine: 8 Undiscovered Bands Worth A Listen. 06 Feb 2009. Check it out now! ***


Three killer tracks from Beehive's album "Pretty Little Thieves"

Better Than Lies

Small Face

The Love That You Used To Do

If you don't have them yet, you can buy their songs on iTunes.


The ultimate choice of Champagne to pair with Beehive? Non-Vintage Champagne Deutz Brut Classic. Elegant and classy - but enough verve to stand up to the looping beats of Beehive. An awesome value in Champagne that's readily available around the world. Deutz also happens to be the favorite producer of two of Mike's friends, and Beehive played a set that brought the house down at their wedding. The perfect match.

"better than lies" by Beehive

Recently featured on the CW's new 90210. Click play and skip to 1:52 into it.


After seeing them perform live several times this year (across a couple different states) Mike managed to catch up with Beehive. Being interrupted from some much needed rest in Seattle, they graciously agreed to answer a few of Mike's burning questions:

Mike Supple: I recently heard your song "Better Than Lies" on CW's new 90210. Congratulations! I assume you watched it?
Beehive: We were watching the election results start to come in (along with the rest of the country). But we switched over and then our song came on and we started screaming. When we stopped, the song was still going! We couldn't believe they played the entire song, not just a clip. We sat there in silence and the song played through the whole party scene. It was amazing!

MS: How's life on the road, and what are you up to now?
Beehive: We could just tour forever. It's exhausting and we love it. But we can't deny that having a little time to rest and be domestic is nice too. We're taking some time to relax and work on new music.

MS: Being from Washington, I'm just going to assume you drink wine. Do you drink WA wines or does anything else make it into your standard rotation?
Dave: I don't drink a ton, but I really enjoy red wine. I tend to prefer blends like Cab and Merlot since they are generally smoother and better balanced than the single varietal wines. Bordeaux reds are great too. The only white I've had that I really like is the Caymus Conundrum - a great blend of a few white grapes from Napa. [Click for Mike's review of the 2005 Caymus Conundrum.]

MS: Had any bad experiences with wines?
Beehive: We were visiting a friend in California who sent us home with a mixed case of wine. I don't know if he chose carefully just to mess with us or if we have the worst luck ever, but all but 2 of the bottles were corked!
MS: That's just cruel! Thanks for your time; I'm gonna leave so your corked luck doesn't rub off on me...


Beehive consists of Vocalist/Producer Alethea 'Butterfly Beats' and Guitarist/Vocalist David Miller. The duo creates electronic rhythms and soundscapes combined with emotive vocals and commanding guitar tones that are organic yet modern sounding to craft hook laden, melodic and powerful pop songs.

Beehive's music has debuted in the top 10 of about 100 colleges across the nation, and it has also been added to light to medium rotation at about 400 colleges across the United States and Canada. This has earned the band outstanding reviews from respected publications and magazines, as well as over 300 core radio stations across the country. Reviewers continue to praise their modern and unique, yet classic, sound.

"This duo makes music that electronic heads can dig into and rockers can rock out to" (MF Magazine). The Tacoma Volcano calls Beehive "Giant, cool and fun...technology and humans interfacing, causing a tidal wave of infectious energy." Seattle Sound Magazine proclaimed Pretty Little Thieves "Equal parts late U2 and the Killers. Beehive's debut full length is infectious, modern and fresh, while still paying homage to all electro pop rock albums that have come before."

In a live setting, Beehive "breaks out the honey" (Seattle Times) by playing several notable festivals and conferences across the continent, such as SXSW in Austin, Bumbershoot in Seattle, NXNE in Toronto, New Music West Conference in Vancouver, Ladyfest South in Atlanta, Microsoft Gamefest, and the Seattle Pride Festival. Moreover, Beehive continues to build upon their strong Seattle presence with their devoted fans and their nomination as one of the "Best Seattle Electronica Acts" in Seattle's premier entertainment periodical, Seattle Weekly. Recently Beehive just finisehd touring with Fujiya and Miyagi for all west coast dates through the end of October.

Songs from Pretty Little Thieves have continuously won local and national music competitions through Local Northwest Promotions as a featured artist in the months of October and November, as well as in the CMJ sponsored competition Ourstage.com, in which Beehive has placed as a finalist 12 times in 12 months, and won three times in the Alternative, Indie Pop, and Electronic categories.

Furthermore, Beehive continues to garner national and local radio attention on syndicated shows such as the Coloradowave, Seattle's 107.7 KNDD The End, 90.3 KEXP, CJam in Detroit, and Indie 104 Radio in LA. Included are also College radio stations across the nation, such as: core stations WRSU; WRVU in Nashville, TN; WUSR in Scranton, PA; WRUR, in Rochester, NY; KSCL in Shreveport, LA; and WMNF in Tampa, FL. Other college stations Beehive has charted include CJSR in Edmonton, Alberta, SFR, WBIM, WCCX, WHRC, KBBI, KSYM, XTSR,KEUL and SCAD Atlanta Radio, where Beehive debuted at #1 in the first week!

In addition to radio and press, Beehive continues to gain momentum through their consistent licensing success. Their current resume includes song placements on CW's new 90210, upcoming CBS show Harpers Island, MTV's Real World and Road Rules, VH1's Old Skool, E Channel's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Lifetime's Bad Girls Club, soundtrack placements in feature films such as "Loaded", as well as other corporate placements for Corbis Imaging and Microsoft.

Seattle's KEXP radio calls Beehive "definitely one to keep an eye on," and Future Music Magazine calls them "far ahead of the pack." Beehive is definitely a band with a fresh new sound--and with the release of "Pretty Little Thieves" they are poised for ground breaking success.

Visit them online at beehivemusic.com.