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New Year's Resolution: Drink Bubbles

If celebrating the New Year gave you a taste for sparkling wine, embrace it.

2006 Argyle Brut - Delicious domestic sparkling wine.
2006 Argyle Brut - Delicious domestic sparkling wine.

by Mike Supple
published: 16 Jan 2011
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More sparkling wine is sold in the last quarter of the year than any other time. And while it's great that people are drinking lots of Champagne and other sparkling wines during the holidays, I find this statistic depressing.

We use sparkling wine to celebrate because it just makes things more fun. Whether it's the pop of the cork, the tiny bubbles dancing in your glass and on your tongue, or simply the fact that bubbles get you tipsy faster, drinking Champagne with friends is hard to beat.

In 2011, you should allow yourself to have fun more often. Had a bad day at work? Pop some bubbly. Having friends visit for the weekend? Pop some bubbly. Ran out of Coors Light to drink while watching football? Pop some bubbly.

Sparkling wine can often be fairly expensive - especially when you're looking at the stuff that actually comes from France. However, there are several great domestic producers that follow all the French traditions and make stunningly great sparkling wine for a fraction of the price.

I recently tried one in particular that is definitely worth a taste: the 2006 Argyle Brut from Willamette Valley, Oregon. This sparkling wine is made from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes (just like a fine Champagne) and is aged just long enough to add some complex toast and almond flavors to the crisp lemon zest, green apple and fresh pear.

Are good bubbles cheap? Not really. The ones from France average around $50 and up, but a great domestic bubbly can be found for $20 - $30.

So the next time you're about to drop $44.50 on two tickets to the latest horribly slapped-together 3-D movie, a small popcorn and blue flavored Icee with two straws, take a step back. Make it a memorable night while saving money on a bottle of sparkling wine and an instant download from Netflix.

Full disclosure: The bottle of 2006 Argyle Brut was provided by WineChateau.com.

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