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Imbibers Have Lots of Wine Bottle Sizes to Pick From

Choose a small or large vessel based on the meal or celebration

Small and large bottles: Split (187ml), Half (375ml), Bottle (750ml) and Magnum (1500ml).
Small and large bottles: Split (187ml), Half (375ml), Bottle (750ml) and Magnum (1500ml).

by Wine Taster
published: 27 May 2009
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How much wine typically goes in a glass? The basic pour at most restaurants and bars in the United States is 5 to 7 ounces. Standard wine bottles hold 750 milliliters, or roughly four and a half glasses worth. Of course, how often are you surrounded by exactly three and a half friends?

Fortunately, there is a whole world of wine bottle sizes to fit any occasion. When drinking alone, traditional wine bottle sizes may not be the way to go. Recognizing this fact, a number of wine producers are increasingly offering "half bottles." This is referred to as a "375" in the industry - short for 375 milliliters - and is a great choice for those who desire variety over quantity (or just want more than one glass after a long day at work). Couples who don't share the same taste in wine can also order their own small bottles without the worry of overindulgence.

The smallest of wine bottle sizes is the "split." This 187-milliliter bottle is most commonly used for one-glass pours of bubbly. Some German producers also package their dessert wines in this size. It's like having your own little bottle of joy.

On the other end of the spectrum are large-format wine bottles. The big bottles range from a "magnum," which equals about two regular bottles, to a "sovereign," the equivalent of 34 bottles (that's 25 liters). While most of us aren't likely to go for something quite that big, it isn't unusual to buy magnums and double magnums. These bigger wine bottle sizes are ideal for special events. Plenty of wine enthusiasts buy large-format bottles from special years marking weddings, births and graduations to open on their anniversaries. Larger bottles are traditionally better vessels for wine to age in too.

No matter what the occasion, these large-format bottles will be a memorable souvenir for your home. For the sizes and names of these different bottles (which do vary by world region) click here.

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