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Chardonnay Pairings for Summertime

Get the summer started with these Chardonnay pairings

Chardonnay: the perfect summer grilling wine.
Chardonnay: the perfect summer grilling wine.

by Wine Taster
published: 08 May 2009
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Spring has finally arrived and summer is right around the corner. For the wine lover, this can only mean one thing: Chardonnay! Chardonnay is cool and crisp, making it the perfect glass of wine for those hot summer nights.

It's definitely time to bust out the grill and invite some friends for a BBQ. Toss some shrimp on the barbie - nothing goes better with seafood than Chardonnay.

Here are some Chardonnay pairings to get your summer party started:
  • Chardonnay will pair well with chicken, pork, seafood and other light proteins that are perfect for the grill.
  • Chardonnay also works well with cheeses like Brie, Camembert, Gouda, Gruyere, Parmesan, Provolone and mild goat cheeses.
  • Grilled chicken Caesar salad pairs well with an acidic style of Chardonnay, as the wine stands up to the bold flavors of garlic and anchovies.
  • Chardonnay also pairs well with corn on the cob with lots of butter.

Chardonnay is also a perfect accompaniment to turkey, shrimp and many light, fresh summer salads. The possibilities for pairing Chardonnay with the tastes of summer are endless.

Chardonnay boasts an impressive range of flavors that compliment summer specialties. Chardonnay wines have buttery textures, oak overtones, and hints of apple, pear, citrus and melon - all of which make it the quintessential summertime wine. Kick off your shoes, fire up the grill, uncork a bottle of Chardonnay and slide into summer.

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