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2008 Lamborghini Meets Italian Wine

Mike Supple with the badass new 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago
Mike Supple with the badass new 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago

by Mike Supple
published: 17 Jul 2008
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Fast cars and booze are usually something I would advise against combining, but when you're indoors and nobody has any keys it seems to be a bit safer. I managed to crash the San Francisco launch of the 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (probably poor taste using the word "crash" following a sentence that includes vehicles and alcohol).

Why the article about cars on a wine site? This event was all about selling a new $180,000 vehicle and nothing gets money moving faster than a little alcohol in the system.

There were many new 2008 Lamborghinis there, and frankly, I was just whelmed by the Gallardo. So much so that the only photo I bothered to take was of the wheel (and it's a pretty smoking wheel, no?). Sure, everyone was there for the launch of this car, but I found the 2008 Murcielago to be much more my taste. If anyone has a spare 360k, please contact me ASAP!

The wine selections were limited to make it easier for everyone: a red and a white. Being a Lamborghini event, both of the wines were Italian (however the cars come from northern Italy and both wines came from southern Italy, but who's arguing semantics...). The white was the 2006 Feudo Arancio Chardonnay (Sicily) and the red was the 2005 Terre Stragate Manent Aglianico (Campania). Both wines were really easy drinking and fairly impressive values. The Chardonnay has some good candied tropical fruit and citrus notes without too much toast or cream, and the Aglianico (a red grape native to Italy) is medium-bodied with some classic Italian acidity, medium tannins and ripe cherry fruit.

Aside from the cool cars, the main point of this rambling is that the event once again proved to me the value of being able to try wines by the glass. The food and wine were free, so nobody had any qualms about trying it. One man asked what the red wine was, and when told it was Aglianico, he replied with, "Do you have a Cab? I only drink Cab." As there was no Cab, he was faced with two choices: drink what was there or go without. He asked for a taste of the red, swirled the glass, took a quick sniff and tipped it back into his mouth. After some thoughtful swishing and interesting facial expressions he swallowed, "That stuff's pretty good. I'll take a glass, thanks. What did you say it was again?"

I don't know how many of the new Gallardos sold, but I'm not overly concerned. Lamborghini seems to do alright, and they'll be sold out in no time, I'm sure. From my perspective the night was a total success. A tried and true California Cabernet drinker took a chance on an unknown Italian red wine and came away a man with a changed view on what enjoying a wine is all about.

The little known secret about the wines at this high class event? The Chard retails for around $10 and the Aglianico for $14. Proving once again you don't have to spend a ton to step with the high rollers.

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