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What is SuppleWine?

The simple answer: a website dedicated to bringing free and helpful wine information to anyone who wants it, and at all levels of wine interest.

Why "SuppleWine?"

"Supple" is a cork-dork term meaning a wine that is approachable and ready to drink. Coincidentally it's also the last name of the guy behind all of this madness.

Who is SuppleWine?

Mike Supple Mike Supple: Founder
A transplant from Boston to San Francisco, Mike Supple has been writing about wine since 2004. His writing has appeared on eHow, AnswerBag, JJ Buckley Fine Wines and Momtrends. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French studies from Wesleyan University and the Diploma in Wines and Spirits from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust.
For Mike, wine is not about the snooty collecting, swirling and one-upping. It's about friends, fun, food and lifestyle.

Richard Supple Richard Supple: Editor
As SuppleWine's East Coast connection, Richard plays the important role of reminding all those Californians, "No, they definitely don't have that at my local wine store." He's also a relative newcomer to the wine world and, as such, is right there with the rest of you reading the site and absorbing every detail that will help him find his next favorite bottle under 14 bucks (and, with a little searching, he's impressed at how frequently the Wine of the Week does show up at a nearby retailer). He's a big fan of Rieslings, spicy Malbecs and many things in between, but he has yet to find a Chardonnay that inspires him to buy it a second time. When no one is looking (and when his phone stops buzzing with new site content to edit), he grabs a Yuengling and watches any sporting event he can find.

Tara Merkel: Contributing Comic - Chef
Tara Merkel is from East Bridgewater, MA. She has Co-Written and Illustrated a children's book, and also has a weekly comic strip based on that character, that can be viewed online at the following.
More work and info can be found at

Brett Underhill: Contributing Comic - Box O' Red
Brett Underhill is an illustrator & animator whose bed, refrigerator and couch are currently located in Brooklyn, NY, so he does, too. His animated shorts and illustration portfolio, which includes t-shirt designs for The Derek Trucks Band and illustrations for the mustache humor book Sweet 'Stache by Jon Chattman and Rich Tarantino, can be viewed at as well as within the pages of the occasional lost moleskine notepad.

Emma Criswell: Contributing Writer
Emma's passion for wine began before she was even old enough to drink. Once she turned 21, Emma began to dive right in to all kinds of wine. While her friends were going on about how Moscato wasn't sweet enough, Emma was trying to figure out why people liked Cabernet Sauvignon so much. As her wine palate evolved, so did her infatuation with vino. After a trip to California, she began her wine blog, Dances With Wines, a name that reflects how she came to find wine in her life. Each bottle, varietal and vintage is a new dance one must learn. She brings her news writing background and informative but light writing style to SuppleWine.

Disclaimer: This web site is designed to promote wine education and in no way endorses under age drinking; obey all laws in your area. [But it's never too early to start questioning and learning!]

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